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                         JULY, 2006

29.08.06 Svalbard Museum nominated for the Museum of the Year 2006 award
Svalbard Museum is one of the three museums nominated for the Norwegian award "Museum of the Year 2006".
In the statement the committee emphasize that each of the museums nominated, in their own way works with the task how the modern and multicultural Norway understands its own history and defines its own role in the relation with other cultures and the international community.
The general public has taken great interest in the exhibition at the new Svalbard Museum located in the Svalbard Science Centre building. The museum was opened April 27 2006 and until August 1   15 116 people have already visited the museum. In the old museum the average number of visitors was between 15 000 and 18 000 per year.
The exhibition presents fragments of Svalbard's 400-year history and describes life-supporting factors and the activities taking place here, which together reveal the close relationship between sea and land, nature and cultural history.
The other two museums nominated are the Glomdal Museum in Elverum and the International Cultural Centre and Museum in Oslo.
The museum winning the award will be made public on the National Museum Meeting in Stjordal 6 - 9 of September
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23.08.06 NP-researcher publishes in Science
Antarctic snowfall exhibits substantial variability over a range of time scales, with consequent impacts on global sea level and the mass balance of the ice sheets.
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                      SEPTEMBER, 2006
19.09.06 Large Ichthyosaur skeleton find on Svalbard
During fieldwork in 2003, the skeleton of a large marine reptile of the order Ichthyosauria was investigated by geologists of the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) at the shore of Sauriedalen (Isfjorden, Dickson Land).
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04.09.06 New report "Environmental impact assesment of the research activities in Ny-Alesund 2006 is published in NPI
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26.09.2006 NASA eyes Svalbard for Mars research
The US space agency NASA is keen on using Svalbard as a regular testing grounds for future expeditions to Mars. One expert says research conditions on the Norwegian Arctic archipelago are "first-class. NASA officials are considering using the area to test robotic equipment and to train astronauts who would make the trip to Mars.
A group of American and Norwegian researchers is travelling to Svalbard this summer to conduct field work and already do some testing of various instruments and robotic technology.
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                      OCTOBER, 2006

04.10.2006 Doctor Stipend in snow-sea ice-atmosphere procceses
The formal affiliation will be with University of Oslo. The position is part of the project “Black Carbon in Arctic Snow and Ice: Implications for climate and environment”, involving scientists from CICERO, NPI, and NILU. The main objective of this project is to quantify the transport, deposition and post-depositional fate of black carbon aerosols to the polar environment, and assessing the impact on climate of the reduced albedo of snow and ice. The Ph.D. candidate will focus on mapping of distribution of BC in space and time and on the effect of black carbon on the surface albedo. The sampling and measurement setup will cover a broad range of BC levels in snow (from urbanized/industrial areas in Norway to the cleanest snow in Antarctica), as well as cover various transport routes so that model studies can be calibrated and validated. The time aspect will be covered by already available ice core records from Svalbard. The Ph. D. candidate will participate in field campaigns in the Arctic, mainly in the Ny Ålesund area on Svalbard, during the 2007 and 2008 spring seasons.
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09.10.2006 Ph.D. position (3-years) Arctic Marine Ecotoxicology
A Ph.D. position in arctic Marine Ecotoxicology is available at the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA), involving studies of contaminants in polar cod and zooplankton in relation to climate change.
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09.10.2006 PhD position available for three years (Arctic marine ecology)
A three year PhD-position is available at the Norwegian Polar Institute and NIVA within the field of arctic marine ecotoxicology
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Polar Dynamics:
Monitoring, Understanding, and Prediction
Open science conference
August 29-31, 2007 Bergen, Norway
more information: http://web.gfi.uib.no/conference2007/info.htm
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04.05.06 Polar bears threatened by extinction
A new report from the World Conservation Union (IUCN) states that the polar bear is one of 16,000 species and plants threatened by extinction because of global warming, illegal hunting or disrupted nature. - The development goes the wrong way, the report reads.
The IUCN believed every fourth mamal and every eight bird is in danger of disappearing. Global warming is the main reason for the negative development.
Leader of the Union, Achim Steiner, says new alliances between groups in society will have to be formed in order to turn the development.
more information:http://www.barentsobserver.com
10.05.06 Russian Permafrost melting
A huge area in the Russian North is about to be transformed into a mud dump because of global warming. The area located in western Siberia is comparable in size with all of France and Germany. -This is an ecological avalanche, which is impossible to stop, says Sergey Kirpotin from the University of Tomsk. The researcher says the melting is linked with global warming and that the changes have been taken place in the course of the last few years.
read more: http://www.barentsobserver.com/index.php?cat=16176
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10.05.06 July 17-19, 2006 - Second International Conference on Global Warming in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This conference and workshop will focus on drivers and regulators of climate change and variability other than greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas effects on climate have been much more thoroughly investigated and are assessed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Our goal is to provide a scientific perspective on the changes associated with other climate forcings and feedbacks that are more uncertain. For more information visit the conference website.
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15.05.06 Russia can change a conception of its presence on Shpitzbergen
Russian state official call to develop tourism and research in the Russian settlements of Svalbard.
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22.05.06. Early end of sea ice season in Kongsfjorden
As in other fjords at the western coast of Spitsbergen, Kongsfjorden was very early sea ice free. In the framework of the two NFR projects “MariClim” and “Climate effects of reducing black carbon emissions”, and as a part of the NPI long-term Kongsfjorden sea ice monitoring project, six scientists worked in Kongsfjorden and Krossfjorden the last 10 days.
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23.05.06. Course Announcement Arctic Winter Ecology Course (AB-329A)
University Centre on Svalbard (UNIS)
Application Deadline: Tuesday, 1 August 2006
For further information, please go to:
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                                            JUNE, 2006

01.06.06. Research Fellow (PhD position) at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
A 4-year position as research fellow (PhD position) is available at the Department of Earth Science from 1 August 2006. The workplace will be at the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR). The BCCR has been awarded the status of a Centre of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway, and is affiliated with Unifob AS.
more information: http://www.jobbnord.no/visstilling2.aspx?stillid=30758&lang=EN
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02.06.06 NPs forsker og leder for Polarklimaprogrammet, Dr. Nalan Koc is a co-author of three papers that appear in the June-issue of arguably the most prestigious scientific journal in the world, Nature. The papers use novel results from sea bed samplings to argue the case that previous mathematical models underestimated the temperatures in the ancient Arctic Ocean.
read more: www.npolar.no
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06.06.06 Postdoctoral position available
Postdoctoral position available in Physical Oceanography at the Norwegian Polar Institute. Application Deadline: Friday, 30 June 2006
read more: www.npolar.no
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13.06.06 Longyearbyen turns 100 years
read more : www.npolar. no (in norwegian only)
in english
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14.06.06 History of Norwegian Polar Research web is opening in 2007 
read more : www.npolar. no (in norwegian only)
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26.06.06 Sea ice physics - postdoc available
The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), Polar Climate Program, invites applications for a 3-year position as research scientist/postdoc in sea ice physics. Deadline 31.  more information
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July.21.06.06 Work begins on global seed bank on Arctic island
LONGYEARBYEN, Norway (Reuters) - Work began in the Arctic on Monday on building a global bank of crop seeds that scientists hope will prevent the extinction of unique species such as those lost in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq more information
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21.06.06 Alex Hartley’s unknown island in Svalbard
The Name Committee for Norwegian Polar Regions has decided that the ”island” that was discovered by Alex Hartley last year is to be called Nyskjeret  more information
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                                 MARCH, 2006
02.03.06 Joint Russian-Norwegian AARI/NPI
''FRAM'' Arctic Climate Research Laboratory
Fellowship Program Final  Meeting,
Tromso, Norway.
The additional information can be found here
02.03.06 Research Seminar: Norwegian-Russian collaboration in Svalbard
9-10 March 2006 at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromso, Norway
additional information can be found here
15.03.06 Presentations made by the grantees at the joint Russian-Norwegian AARI/NPI "Fram" Arctic Climate Research Laboratory Final Meeting, held in Tromso, Norway, March, 2006 are now available
16.03.06 Dr Sergey Priamikov celebrates his 60th anniversary !!!!!!
23.03.06 World Meteorological Day 2006
World Meteorological Day will be celebrated on 23 March 2006 by National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) throughout the world and by the WMO Secretariat around the theme "Preventing and mitigating natural disasters".
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22.03.06 Both Norwegian and Russian researchers confirm that this winter is the warmest ever in the Barents Sea
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21.03.06 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Polar Regions Research
more information
20.03.06 Arctic Summit Science Week (ASSW) 2006
22-29 March 2006, Potsdam, Germany.
Early Registration Deadline: Tuesday, 28 February 2006
The purpose of the ASSW is to provide opportunities for coordination, collaboration, and cooperation in all areas of arctic science, and to
combine science and management meetings, thus saving on travel and time.
more information
20.03.06   Nikolay Spassky, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Counsil, will visit Norwegian archipelago of Spitzbergen to discuss issues of industrial activity and cooperation with Norwegian authorities, the Counsil press service reports. Possibilities for industrial activity at Spitzbergen were hampered after Norway adopted Law on Environment Protection in 2002.
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16.03.06 Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme - deadline 1st April, 2006
The University of Alaska is pleased to offer 10 postdoctoral fellowships, starting during academic year 06-07, for a period of up to three years to cover the time frame of the fourth International Polar Year plus analysis and publication of results....
more information
29.03.06 Positions Available
Arctic Biosphere Atmosphere Coupling at Multiple Scales (ABACUS)
Application Deadline: Friday, 14 April 2006
For further information, please go to:
30.03.06 Website map is now available for faster and more comfortable navigation through the "Fram" pages. Link location to the map is at the Home page
                                          APRIL, 2006

03.04.06 Arctic change website http://www.arctic.noaa.gov/detect/
06.04.06 Rapid Climate Change International Science Conference
24 - 27 October 2006. Birmingham, U.K.

Some models predict that rapid (decadal-scale) climate change could occur under the scenario of global warming that is likely to happen over the next century. The Atlantic Ocean's thermohaline circulation (THC) is thought to have played a key role in rapid changes in the past and to have the potential to do so in the future, although other processes may also cause rapid climate change to occur. This conference will explore the scientific understanding of rapid climate change, with a main but not exclusive focus on the role of the THC in such change.
more information from:http://www.noc.soton.ac.uk/rapid/rapid2006/
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12.04.06 Workshop on Arctic weather extremes 2006
Our plans to hold a workshop here in Bergen 19-20 June 2006 have recently been finalised. The main objective is to form working groups leading up to the International Polar Year (IPY) and after.
more information: http://web.gfi.uib.no/~gbsek/workshop06.html
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14.04.06 Courses Available at Climate Impacts Research Centre in Sweden
Abisko, Sweden – Umea University’s Cimiate Impacts Research Centre has university courses available in the area of alpine research.
The courses are as follows:
Alpine ecosystems: 15 etct credits starting c. 20 of April each year (English).
Alpine botany: 7.5 ETCT credits starting c. 25 of June each year (only in
Alpine geoecology: 15 ETCT credits starting c. 25 of August each year (English).
Masters project: 30 ETCT credits available all year round.
more information:http://news.uarctic.org/000394.html
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NATO-ASI and Eur-Oceans will be conducting a Summer School entitled
"Climate Changes impact on marine ecosystems"
in Ankara, Turkey, from 14. - 26 August 2006, for which funding for students is available on application (Deadline 15. May).
For more information please see the Website at
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                        NOVEMBER, 2006

07.11.2006 Unprecedented research initiative in the Arctic
Over the next two years, Norway is to invest almost 300 million NOK on new research initiatives in the Arctic. The research, which has climate and climate change as its primary target, is made within the frames of the International Polar Year.
Norway participates in the International Polar Year research initiatives together with several other countries. Several billion USD are to be invested in projects on conditions for people and animals in the Arctic. As many as 50,000 researchers will participate in the projects, Aftenposten writes. Similar international investments in Arctic research have not been made since 1957, when several major geophysical projects where conducted.

-I want Norway, with its long traditions as Polar nation and with its qualified Polar research environments, to actively participate in the International Polar Year and the increased focus on Polar research, Norwegian Minister of Education, Oystein Djupedal says to Aftenposten.

The Norwegian Research Council recently announced the 26 projects, which are the Norwegian contribution to the international research initiative. Five of the projects are within the field of glaciology and land biology, five on northern society issues, four on geology, three on meteorology and three on heavy metals and animal health.
source: http://www.barentsobserver.com/index.php?id=375194&cat=16176&xforceredir=1&noredir=1
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09.11.2006 Barents Days will take place in Tromso from November 9-14.
This event has been initiated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is intended to become an annual one, to be circulated between different locations in North Norway in the years to come. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working with Tromso municipality to arrange the 2006 Barents Days from 9 to 14 November.
At this yearaˆ™s event, special emphasis will be given to young people and their future in the High North. A youth conference with participants from the whole of the Barents region is being held from 9 to 11 November. The event will gather over 100 participants from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, who will discuss how they want the Barents region to be developed in future.
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10.11.2006 Opportunity For PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers
Climate and Land-Surface Systems Interaction Centre Spring School
Abisko, Sweden
15-21 April 2007
Application Deadline: Saturday, 31 December 2006
more information
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18.12.2006 ARCFAC funding opportunities
The European Centre for Arctic Environmental Research (ARCFAC, Ny-Ålesund Research Infrastructure) has announced a call for new proposals, with the first deadline set to 15 January 2007.
more information
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4.12.2006 Calibrating Cooperation            
Alexey Roldugin from the Polar Geophysical Institute in Apatity is currently calibrating optical instruments from Barentsburg at UNIS.
This is part of a 3-year project where Norwegian and Russian research groups will develop methods to accurately calibrate low light level optical instruments according to international standards.
more inormation
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