Dr Sergey Pryamikov
Date of birth: 16/03/1946
Place of birth: Vladivostok city,  Far East Region,  Russian Federation

Professional Preparation:

Leningrad Makarov High Engineering
Marine School, Russia                                            
MS 1969 
(Physical Oceanography)
Arctic and Antarctic Research                      
Doctor of Science  (PhD)  1981
Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia (Physical Oceanography)


1969-1973   Senior Engineer, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) of
Roshydromet,  Saint Petersburg, Russia
1973-1975   Associate Research Fellow,  AARI
1976-1979   Postgraduate student, AARI
1979-1985   Associate Research Fellow, AARI
1986-1991   Senior Staff Scientist, AARI
1991-            Head of International Science Co-operation Department, AARI

1965 - 2004 Participated in 20 Arctic and 5 Antarctic field campaigns


2001                 Honorary Polar Explorer of Russia
2005                 Honorary staff member of Roshydromet                


About 50  scientific or professional publications and articles in mathematical
statistic and polar research issues.

Knowledge of international Arctic research

==>        Participant of IASC ASSW since 2001
==>        Participant of ICARP-1 (1995) and ICARP-II (2005)
==>        Work on series  of Digital Atlases of the Arctic (Oceanography, Hydrochemistry,
Sea Ice, Meteorology) as a part of  USA-Russia Environmental Working Group activities
==>        PI on AARI  Project  " Investigations of meteorological regime and climate variability
in the area of Spitsbergen archipelago"

Experience in cooperative, international scientific programmes or activities

==>        Expert of the working group on Agreement on co-operation in the Polar and Marine
Research between German Ministry of Education and Research and Russian Ministry of
Education and Science;
==>        Expert of the working group on Agreement on  Co-operation in the technical-scientific  
area in the Arctic and North  Studies between Norwegian Research Council and Russian
Ministry of Education and Science

     Insight into Arctic problems and policy issues

==>        IASC ISIRA working group member 
==>        IASC FARO executive member
==>        IASC PAG member
==>        AOSB  member
==>        European Polar Consortium (EPC) Technical Committee member
==>        Paper "The Role of International Technical-Scientific Co-operation  in the Arctic into Marine
Sphere of Actions " (in Russian),  Proceedings of the Conference  "Development of Marine Sphere
of Actions into Globalization Circumstances", pp. 129-149, Moscow, 2004

Science management and administrative experience

==>        Head of the International Science Co-operation Department of the Arctic and Antarctic
Research Institute (AARI) of the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental
Monitoring (Roshydromet) since 1991;
==>        Director of  Norwegian-Russian Arctic Climate Research Laboratory after FRAM  (FAL) since 2003;
==>        Co-ordinator of German-Russian Laboratory for Polar and Marine Research after Otto Schmidt
(OSL) since 2000;
==>        1989-1990 - Head of 34-th Soviet Antarctic expedition.

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