"Fram" Arctic Climate Research Laboratory
Joint Russian-Norwegian AARI/NPI
''FRAM'' Arctic Climate Research Laboratory
Fellowship Program Final  Meeting

Norwegian Polar institute
Tromso, Norway, 07-08 March 2006

Meeting room "Tre Kroner", 5th floor

Tuesday, March 07

9:00 Meeting Opening and (Nalan Koc & Sergey Priamikov)

Morning Chair: Sergey Priamikov

Presentations of the final reports of the Fram fellowship projects:
9:20 Oleg Andreev "Study of radioactive and thermal physical properties of the ice-snow cover (drifting and landfast ice, glaciers) in the Spitsbergen archipelago area"
9:50 Short comments of the Supervisors (Boris Ivanov, Sebastian Gerland)
10:00 Questions, comments, discussion
10:15 Ruslan May "Estimation of impact of nonlinear barotropic and baroclinic tidal effect into formation and long-period variability of sea level, current circulation, and thermohaline structure of Euro-Arctic Seas water"
10:45 Short comments of the Supervisors ( Victor Foux, Vladimir Pavlov)
10:55 Questions, comments, discussion
11:10 Break
11:25 Elena Filchuk "The long-period levels oscillation on Barents and Norwegian Seas, their causes and consequences"
11:55 Short comments of the Supervisors (Igor Ashik, Vladimir Pavlov)
12:05 Questions, comments, discussion
12:20 Lunch
Afternoon chair: Nalan Koc
13:30 Daria Vasilyeva "Meteo-glaciological monitoring of mass-heat exchange processes of glaciers layers and change of climate of Spitsbergen Archipelago
14:00 Short comments of the Supervisors (Pavel Svyashchennikov, Jack Kohler)
14:10 Questions, comments, discussion
14:25 Andrey Rubchenia "Long-period variability of thermohaline structure and circulation of water in Fram Strait and Euro-Arctic Seas"
14:55 Short comments of the Supervisors (Leo Timohov, Vladimir Pavlov)
15:05 Questions, comments, discussion

      20:00 Social event

Wednesday, March 08
Morning Chair: Vladimir Pavlov
9:00 Irina Solovyanova "Reconstruction of an annual drain values rivers of Gronfjord basin, West Spitsbergen with methods (rivers-analogues use)"
9:30 Short comments of the Supervisors (Mikhail Tretyakov, Jan-Gunnar Winther)
9:40 Questions, comments, discussion
9:55 Tatiana Alexeeva "Assessment of sea ice parameters within the area of FRAM expedition in 1893-96 including Nansen sledge trip"
10:25 Short comments of the Supervisors (Vasiliy Smolyanitsky, Sebastian Gerland)
10:35 Questions, comments, discussion
10:50 Break
11:10 Discussion on evaluation report (Evaluation Board members and Supervisors )
11:40 Evaluation report preparation (Nalan Koc, Alexander Makshtas, Sergey Priamikov)
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Evaluation report (Nalan Koc)
14:20 Manuscripts preparation discussion (all FAL  students and  Supervisors, Nalan Koc, Alexander Makshtas, Sergey Priamikov)
15:00 Break
15:15 Summary of meeting, future plans, activities (Evaluation Board members, Supervisors, Nalan Koc, Sergey Priamikov)