"Fram" Arctic Climate Research Laboratory
Research Seminar: Norwegian-Russian collaboration in Svalbard
9-10 March 2006 at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromso, Norway

Themes: Oceanography, hydrology, climatology and northern lights research

Draft agenda

Thursday 9th March

09:00        Welcome by Kim Holmen, Research director NPI
09:05        Opening remarks by the Chair of the Norwegian national committee on polar research (Harald Loeng)
09:15        Keynote lecture: Svalbard as research platform: status and potential (Fridtjof Mehlum)

09:30        Theme 1: Oceanographic research in Svalbard (Chair: V. Pavlov)
09:30:         V. Pavlov: Patterns of trends in hydrography and sea ice variability in the Fram Strait and Barents Sea over six previous decades
09:50:         O. Babina: Arctic sea ice cover transformation from satellite passive microwave data
10:10:         V Ionov: The 1930s warming in the Norwegian and Greenland Seas

10:30 Break

10:45:        S. Gerland: Sea ice research at Svalbard, Fram Strait and Arctic Basin
11:05:        E. Shalina: Passive microwave observations of changes in the Arctic Ocean sea ice cover.
11:25:        I. Keghouche: Development and validation of Barents Sea ice-ocean forecasting system

12:00        Lunch

13:00 Theme 2: Hydrological research in Svalbard (Chair: Hanne Petersen)

13:00:        A. Taurisano: Cryosat calibration and validation on Austfonna, Svalbard
13:20:        K. Khvorostovsky: Recent Greenland Ice Sheet elevation variations derived from satellite altimetry.
13:40:        I. Solovyanova: Hydrological research at the numerous rivers of Gronnfjord Watershed
14:00:        J.B. Orb?k: Arctic Climate and Biological Diversity Studies on Svalbard (ARCDIV.NET)

14:20-14:40 Break

14:40: Theme 3: Climatology (Chair: Igor Ashik)

14:40:        A.S. Kirillov: Changes in the composition of high-latitude middle atmosphere during intensive solar proton events
15:00:         E. Zabolotskikh: Development of polar algorithms for atmospheric water parameter retrievals from satellite passive microwave data.
15:20:         M. Dyrland: Multi-instrument derivation of mesopause temperatures over Svalbard
15:40:         L. Pettersen: Climate and Environmental Change in the Arctic-CECA
16:00:         A. Makshtas:  Climate variability of free atmosphere in the Polar Regions
16:20:        O. Havnes: New techniques, results and challenges in the investigation of the polar middle atmosphere by rockets and radars

17:00-19:00: Poster session

19:00: Conference dinner at 2nd floor, in the Polar Environmental Centre

Friday 10th March

09:00:        Keynote lecture: Perspectives for research in Svalbard during IPY  (Kim Holmen)
09:30        Thomas V. Schuler: Hydrological research in Svalbard (under Theme 2)

   10:00-10:20 Break

10:20: Theme 4: Northern lights research (Chair: Sergei Priamikov)

10:20:         E. Vashenyuk: Cosmic ray research at Spitsbergen. Possible connections with atmospheric and climatic changes.
10:40:        F. Sigernes: The new optical auroral observatory on Svalbard
11:00:        V. Safargaleev: Investigations of space weather related processes via dayside auroras: PGI initiatives for IPY
11:20:        T. van Eyken:
11:40:        S. Chernouss: Significance of first complex optical studies of Aurora in Spitsbergen in 1899-1900

12:00 Lunch

13:00-15:00: Working groups (4 groups will be formed, and then the groups meet in meeting rooms)

Group leaders:
1: Alexander Makshtas (room Dana/Nora - 5010/5011)
2: Sebastian Gerland (room Svea - 5012)
3: Jon Borre Orb?k (room Sarkofagen (5093)
4: Fred Sigernes (room Akvariet)

15:00-16:00 Reconvention and reporting from Working Groups by Group leaders. Finishing of meeting.

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