Seminar, March 2003
Meeting of the experts to the establishment of the joint Russian-Norwegian "The FRAM Laboratory for AARI/NPI Arctic Climate Research"
State Research Center of the Russian Federation - Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet (AARI of Roshydromet) St.Petersburg, Russia, March 4-6, 2003

Summary Report

1. Opening of the meeting
1.1 Opening
The first meeting of the experts for establishing joint Norwegian-Russian "Fram Laboratory for NPI/AARI
Climate research" was called to order at 10-00 hours on Tuesday, 4 March 2003, at Otto Schmidt Laboratory
in Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Saint Petersburg. After short introduction remark made by
Drs Jan-Gunnar Winther (NPI) and Sergey Priamikov (AARI) all meeting participants have presented him selves
and his area of Research (list of participants is given in Annex 1).
1.2 Adoption of the agenda
Meeting adopted agenda
1.3 Working arrangements
Under agenda item, the Meeting participants agreed its working hours and other practical meeting arrangements.
2. Introduction reports
2.1 NPI research for Arctic Climate (NPI polar climate group)
Dr Jan-Gunnar Winther presented a report describing NPI activities with special emphasize on Climate research,
carried out by NPI polar climate group. In addition Drs Vladimir Pavlov, Sebastian Gerland and Jack Kohler presented
NPI research activities within oceanography, sea ice and glaciology.
2.2 AARI Research for Climate issues in the area of Spitsbergen archipelago and surrounding seas and Arctic ocean
(AARI Svalbard research team)
Dr. Priamikov have briefly presented history and current status of Russian Svalbard Research and AARI in particular
3. Presentations
Under the item three of the Provisional Agenda have presented a number of draft research proposals for NPI/AARI
joint research program in the area of Climate Research.
3.1. Draft cooperation projects
3.1.1 Climate conditions of Svalbard and Franz Josef Land; Analysis and intercomparison of meteorological conditions
and radiation climate (B. Ivanov, J. B. Orbaek, NPI)
3.1.2 Fast ice properties and monitoring near coastal stations at Svalbard and Franz Josef Land (S. Gerland, B. Ivanov)
3.1.3 Svalbard Snow Cover Radiation and Thermophysical properties investigations ( B. Ivanov, O. Andreev, A. Bezgreshnov,
S. Gerland, J-G. Winther)
3.1.4 Meteo-glaciological monitoring of mass-heat exchange processes of glacier active layer and Climate change on Svalbard
(P. Svyaschennikov, A. Tereben'ko)
3.1.5 Atmosphere Circulation Long term variability in the Svalbard area and factors forming it (A. Dmitriev)
3.1.6 Polar Low and its role in the Svalbard meteorological regime formation (E. Lutsenko)
3.1.7 Russian and Norwegian radiation sensor and total ozone concentration instrument intercalibration located on Ny Alesund
NPI research division (B. Ivanov, A. Bezgreshnov)
3.1.8 Maximum snow accumulation and discharge monitoring of Western Svalbard river watersheds (E. Shevnina,
3.1.9 Seasonal and climate variability of thermohaline structure of the ocean in the Svalbard region (L. Timokhov, A. Rubchenya)
3.1.10 V. Bessonov)
3.1.11 I Ashik
3.2 Fram scholarship. Sea ice characteristics observed along the route of the Fram during the 20th Century Mr. Vasiliy Smolianitsky
presented some ideas about Fram Scolarship Implementation project originally proposed jointly by the Head of ACSYS/CliC Office
Dr. Dick Chad and Head of NPI Polar Climate Group Dr. Jan-Gunnar Winther which aimed at investigation of sea ice properties variability
along FRAM drift in last century.
3.3 Participation in the UNIS Program. Ms Irina Solovyanova have presented some ideas in regard hydrological investigations part which
can be carried out with UNIS research unit involvement.
3.4 AARI Svalbard investigations planned in 2003
Meteo-glacial (B. Ivanov, P. Svyaschennikov)
Fresh-water hydrology (I. Solovyanova)
Medicine (Yu. Senkevich)
Paleogeography (M.Dorozhkina)
Under item 3.4 Norwegian and Russian experts have presented field Research plans for 2003 on Svalbard and discussed
opportunities for cooperation in Science and logistics. In particular, Dr Gerlad informed meeting participants about sea
fast ice measuremens in Kongsfiorden and Dr Kohler - about glacer mass balance investigations in the vicinity of Aldegonda Glacer.
4. Current state of FRAM Laboratory establishment
Dr. Priamikov has briefly explained the current state of FRAM Laboratory establishment. Meeting participants have visited some of the
rooms that after the reconstruction will serve as the FRAM Laboratory. Then some ideas about OSL/FRAM cooperation have been
informally discussed. It was pointed out by the meeting participants that decisions related to logistics/rebuilding of the FRAM Laboratory
development was outside the responsibility of the expert meeting.
5. Working discussions
Discussions among meeting participants were done in three working groups on oceanography, sea ice and glaciology aiming to discuss
and formulate more exactly goals of joint NPI/AARI research projects.
It was recognized during discussions that some progress plan for implementing the research projects should be developed
(see proposed list of actions below).
Proposed list of actions and deadlines for 2003:
1. Summary paragraphs prepared for science plan. 1st April
2. Final version of science plan. 1st June.
3. Approval of Advisory Board. 1st May
4. Establishment of FRAM web site at AARI. 1st June
5. Call for proposals and scholarships. 15st September or in summer? (4-6 weeks of application time)
6. Evaluation and selection of projects and scholarships (1st meeting of AB in connection with the ACSYS conference in St. Petersburg in Nov. 2003
7. Formal signing of FAL agreement
Joint research projects starts 1st January 2004

"Fram" Arctic Climate Research Laboratory
All photos from the seminar
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