Dr. Alexander P. Makshtas is a leading scientist of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russia. His main scientific interests are the development of a technique and experimental study of turbulent, radiation energy, and CO2 exchanges between sea ice and atmosphere in the Polar Regions, as well as development of the climatic thermodynamic and dynamic-thermodynamic numerical models of sea ice cover in the Arctic Basin for investigations of sea ice long-term variability. He took part in field experiments on the drifting stations  North Pole 22  (1974),  North Pole 23  (1977-1978),  Weddell-1  in 1992 year, SHEBA (1998), Barrow (2001, 2002), and in 15 ship expeditions in the Greenland, Barents, East-Siberian and Kara Seas.
"Fram" Arctic Climate Research Laboratory