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Joint AARI/NPI FRAM  Arctic climate research Laboratory (FAL),founded jointly by the Arctic and Antarctic research institute of Roshydromet and the Norwegian Polar Institute is named after Norwegian sailing ship FRAM which means FORWARD in Norwegian and the vessel had proved its name by going down to history for reaching southmost and northmost limits in  the polar expeditions of XIX  and XX  centuries.The investigations, carried out on board, resulting into valuable scientific and geographical discoveries are closely connected with the names of Fridtjof Nansen, Rual Amundsen and Otto Sverdrup.As  FRAM became the trigger for the discoveries and formation of the outstanding scientists and researchers , we believe the laboratory will serve the same purpose.

Recently in the climatic system of Arctic the phenomenon has been noticed called - “Rapid Arctic Climate Change”.The extreme intensification of the cyclonic fraction and air temperature increase resulted into the sufficient changes in the Arctic Ocean.Anomalous temperature increase within the Atlantic water, reaching the Arctic Ocean is seen, which in several regions exceeded the values dramatically for the whole historical  period of observations covering almost a hundred and a half years. Such strong anomalies of the climateforming processes (atmospheric, ice and oceanographic) brought the necessity of more complete and reliable evaluation of the condition and forecast of the condition of the climate system and Arctic environment. It is important in this case to trace the interaction of heat fluxes, cyclonic activity of the atmospheric circulation, precipitation, snow cover, glaciers, rivers, lakes, soil cover, anthropogenic factor.
Svalbard archipelago, located due to its unique geographical position under the direct influence of the main climate forming factors is the optimal object-indicator for the mentioned types of investigations. Such a study within FAL  is paid seriousattention to.
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